Tribpedia: Pat Haggerty

Pat Haggerty is a lobbyist and a former state representative who famously initiated the "walk out" during the 2007 legislative session.

Haggerty, a Republican, was first elected in 1988 and represented district 78 in El Paso. During his tenure, Haggerty served on the House Corrections Committee, among others, and was a leader on jail issues.

A moderate Republican, Haggerty was ...

HD-78: Margo vs. Moody Repeat

Second verse same as the first in El Paso’s HD-78, where Republican Dee Margo and Democrat state Rep. Joe Moody will face each other again in the November general election. El Paso businessman Margo beat first-time GOP candidate Jay Kleberg in the race to represent West and Northeast El Paso in the Texas House.

Primary Color: HD-78

About the only thing Jay Kleberg and Dee Margo have in common is the R next their names on the primary ballot — that and their desire to take on freshman Democratic state Rep. Joe Moody in November.

Border Blues

In blood-red Texas, 19 border legislative races are up for grabs in 2010 — but Republicans are running in only 6. And only 2 GOP candidates have raised any significant cash so far.

Much Ado About Endorsing

They certainly provide daily fodder for campaign news coverage, but there’s no guarantee that endorsements will translate to anything positive for a candidate — let alone an electoral victory.

2010: New name in the game

El Paso business developer Jay Kleberg confirmed Sunday that he will run as a Republican in 2010 against state Rep. Joe Moody, D-El Paso.

Shapleigh's out and then what?

El Paso state Sen. Eliot Shapleigh's surprise announcement that he won't seek another term in the Texas Senate in 2010 set off speculation about his plans for higher office — and a vigorous fight to replace him.

Rematch? No and maybe

Sen. Eliot Shapleigh, D-El Paso, won't face another challenge from wealthy El Paso businessman Dee Margo in 2010, but freshman Rep. Joe Moody might.