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Laura Miller served as Dallas mayor from 2002 to 2007 and was the third woman to hold the post. She is married to Dallas attorney and former state representative Steve Wolens.

Before being elected mayor, Miller served on the Dallas City Council representing Oak Cliff and Southwest Dallas. She replaced Ron Kirk as mayor; he left the job to run for ...

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Not to be-Labor the point, but on this Day when we pause to celebrate the men and women of Texas (and elsewhere) who work for a living, we thought we'd show off the sweat and toil of our crack interviewers. Nearly every Trib reporter has sat down with a few of the most interesting and newsworthy Texans over the last few months: current and former elected officials, authors and activists, operatives and candidates, and policy wonks of all types and stripes. Thus far we've conducted 37 so-called "TT Interviews" (a respectful riff on the Rolling Stone Interviews that many of us grew up reading) and presented them as audio, video, a transcript or some combination of the above. This non-narrative form is an effective and compelling way to tell the unfiltered stories of Texas politics, public policy and government; enjoy. And happy holiday.

Former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller
Former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller

Laura Miller: The TT Interview

The former Dallas mayor on her new life as an energy policy nerd, leaving journalism for the "dark side" of elective office, her continuing frustration over the Trinity River Project and her (lack of) political aspirations.