Tribpedia: Jason Stanford

Jason Stanford is a Democratic political consultant and opposition researcher based in Austin. He served as 2006 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell's campaign manager and chief spokesman. As the head of Stanford Research, he leads opposition research for various candidates and interest groups across the region.

According to his company biography, Stanford moved to Texas in 1994 to work ...

Tony Sanchez, Farouk Shami
Tony Sanchez, Farouk Shami

The Rich are Different

When political consultants take on wealthy candidates, does that mean they can milk them and their campaigns for all they’re worth? Are they simply trying to help good people get elected? Or both?

Guest Column: Fired, Publicly

As a consultant for campaigns in Texas and across the country, I have conceded elections on live TV. Republicans have held press conferences to denounce my hiring, and their lawyers have second-guessed my decisions under oath in a deposition. But none of these trials has struck me quite as strangely as reading about myself getting fired by a campaign.